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First I lost 13lbs, and then Thomas helped me not to focus on weight, but on a healty body and body image. Now I run becouse I have come to love running, and I am still loosing a little weight, but that is less important now because I feel great.

Our Philosophy At A Glance

Run Slower To Run Faster! Longer Runs At Slower Pace, Will Gain You The Stamina And Endurance To Run Faster Come Race Day.

In every program we design, we include a wholeness perspective on the runner. This means, that improving a personal marathon time, is not just getting to the finishline faster, it is getting there, with a better biomotor, a healthier body, that works more efficiently that ever.

Our training plans pushes your limits, but in a controlled manner, which lets you build stamina, speed, a better coordination, stronger mental health, a more fluent running style, and most importantly: an entire body working better than ever!

The Physiology Behind Running

We work with the entire physiology of running. Our training plans are designed to optimize your body for running long distance. We will teach you how to under stand and work with:

  • Anaerobic and aerobic energy system
  • Stamina vs. aerobic capacity
  • The respiratory quotient (RQ)

Optimizing the Biomotor

Our training plans are specially designed to optimize your biomotor. Meaning your body will run more efficiently, with greater body coordination and faster. And you will optimize your fat burning capacity. This will lead to:

  • Increased coordination
  • Greater running pace
  • Greater running strength
  • Better fat burning

Short- and Long Term Goals

Our training plans are developed to easily integrate short term goals, and develop long term goals, that being personal bests and/or improved body health.

  • Short term goals
  • Long term goals
  • Long term goals

Stronger Mental Capabilities

Building capacity to run is also a mental challenge. We will coach you to change your mindset so that you will accomplish your goals. Working with the psychology of running and general principles of resilience is an integrated part of all our plans. This will lead to:

  • Increased mental focus
  • Greater mental resilience
  • Better capabilities to overcome adversity
  • Overall understanding of the psychology of running

Optimize Your Diet

Get a clear guide to a better nutrient intake, which will help improve you running and/or help you loos weight. The guide is focused on types of food, and a balanced diet, specially designed for endurance runners and increasing the fat burning capabilities of your body.

  • The three nutriaets
  • Runners diet
  • Weight loss diet
  • Hydration and Energy

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I have improved my 5K and 10K personal best, and I am now looking forward to completing my first half marathon. The training plans are great, both in improving endurance and speed, but also in making me believe in myself.
Lisa McAllister
New Jersey
First I lost 13lbs, and then Thomas helped me not to focus on weight, but on a healthy body and body image. Now I run because I have come to love running, and I am still loosing a little weight, but that is less important now because I feel great!
New Jersey

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