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No matter if it is about creating a better training plan, coaching individual athletes or becoming more knowledgable within our field, Greenmoor is all about continually improving ones skills. This applies to ourselves as well as our clients. This is why we seek out the best people in the field, learn from them and adjust our training plans accordingly.


Certified UESCA Runnning Coach

The UESCA Running Coach Certification represents the new standard in coaching education. The certification was developed over a 6-year period by reviewing the latest peer-reviewed sports science journals and through feedback from our seasoned team of professionals.

The goal of this certification is to inform and educate aspiring coaches on the science behind running and the application of this information in a way that is easy to understand.

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TrainingPeaks Level 1 Accreditation

We happily use TrainingPeaks as our preferred workout platform, both for building training plans and for data analysis. This is why it is important for us, that you can trust our ability to provide you with the best feedback on your progress, and for building further on you progress.

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Introduction To Sports Psychology For Endurance Coaches

At Greenmoor Running, we don’t only show and teach you HOW to become a better runner, we also aim at teaching you WHY out method works, and why you should structure your workouts as we show. This gives you a clear sense of the purpose of your workouts, which hopefully will keep you running and motivated.

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TrainingPeaks Essentials

At Greenmoor we are relying heavily on the TrainingPeaks platform, to inform us on our athletes progress, and when building and implementing new training plans. This is why it is important for us, that you feel assured that we know what we do, and have the necessary skills to analyse the data. We are certified in using the platform and has of now, gains a Level 1 accreditation from TrainingPeaks

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We strive at keeping us updated within the fields of sports psychology, nutrition and sports in general, to make sure that you receive a high level coaching, always informed by the latest science within the field.


Client Testimonials

I have improved my 5K and 10K personal best, and I am now looking forward to completing my first half marathon. The training plans are great, both in improving endurance and speed, but also in making me believe in myself.
Lisa McAllister
New Jersey
First I lost 13lbs, and then Thomas helped me not to focus on weight, but on a healthy body and body image. Now I run because I have come to love running, and I am still loosing a little weight, but that is less important now because I feel great!
New Jersey

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