Calculate Your Running Zones

Use the calculator to get your running zones. The values might differ slightly form those automatically generated in TrainingPeaks. Those values are generated from a regular spread in the % of aerobic threshold, but these percentages might differ from athlete to athlete.

If you decide to use the training plans with HR zones, which are available, we recommend running the first training session in each zone by pace and then note down the average HR for that zone.

This number should function as a baseline the next time you are running in that HR zone.

In your training plans the zones are by default given as a percentage of your threshold pace, but you can work with them as a percentage of threshold heart rate or percentage of functional threshold power. We emphasize that we recommend that you train with reference to pace, and maybe use HR as a way of spotting fatigue or tendencies to overtrain.

If you need guides to complete the different types of running tests, you can find them at Self Administered Running Test

10-minute distance in Kilometers*

60-minute distance in Kilometers*

60-minute test avarage HR

Max HR**

Resting Heart Rate

Select The Distance Unit

* 1 Km = 1000m | 1 Mile = 1.609344 Km = 1609.344 m

** Can be estimated as: 220 – age | HR right after a 3K or 5K all out race, will also be indicative

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